For some, the idea of moving to a state like Wyoming is a romantic, fantasy adventure.

But before you move here you'll need to consider if you can handle a few of the oddities of this state.

That might include not having the many things that city life has to offer.

Every town in Wyoming is a small town.

You'll have to get used to doing without a lot of the things you have grown accustomed to being just up the road.

Let's make a list.

For that, we turn to Wyoming realtor Aslisha Collins.

She explains, in the video below.

First, she suggests you get used to seeing wildlife in your town.

If you live in a Wyoming town you'll see deer, elk, antelope, and maybe even moose on your way to work.

If you hate snow, and let's toss in wind, you'll not want to live here. We get lots of both.

If you hate the idea of hunting and fishing, this is not the state for you. People come from all over the world to do both here. It's a lifestyle for many who live here year-round.

If you don't like wide open views where you can see for many miles, don't move here. You'll hate it. That open landscape we have out West it's not for everyone.


If you're used to streetlights at night, you'll hate Wyoming. But we have plenty of starlight. Wyoming has some vast areas of dark sky if you really want to see all the stars the human eye can see.

If you love public transportation and lots of people around you all the time then you'll hate Wyoming. We have long streets out here, but not much traffic. Even in town. You'll be in your car for a long time in Wyoming, but not because of traffic. Because of distance.

This state is not for everyone.

But, then again, that's the point.

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