Most people are unaware that Wyoming is home to two different airplane manufacturers.

Both companies make back-country airplanes.

Actually are several other much smaller and independent airplane builders in the state.

One had a factory located in the town of Douglas. (More on them at the end of this article).

The other is a world-famous backcountry airplane made in Afton Wyoming. It's called The Husky, made by Aviat. 

But before Husky came along, Afton Wyoming had another airplane manufacturer in their town.

That pane is no longer being built and the company is gone, but there is a museum in Afton, celebrating the company and the plane.

Located at the Civic Center in Afton, Wyoming, the CallAir Museum commemorates the history of the Call Aircraft Factory founded in 1939 by Reuel Call. CallAir airplanes were designed, developed, and manufactured at Afton from about 1940 to 1970.

A prototype airplane was designed and built from 1939 to 1943—the predecessor of the CallAir A-3 cabin plane. In the first years of the 1950s CallAir snow cars were built.

By 1955 the A-3 had been converted to an agricultural spray plane—the CallAir A-5. In the early 1960s the CallAir A-9, a larger more powerful version of the A-5, was put into production, followed by the still larger CallAir B-1 in 1968.

The original home of the museum was a larger hangar building located south of Afton. The building was completed in about 1994.

Vintage CallAir A-3 and A-5 airplanes were restored at about that time.

A CallAir B-1 was subsequently acquired and restored.

General historical information was gathered, and a picture gallery of personalities associated with the Call Aircraft Factory was created.

In 2005 the museum moved to its current home in the Afton Civic Center prominently located on North Main Street fronting the Lincoln County Fair Grounds.

In these videos we have provided you'll see both top and bottom-wing airplanes. Some were built for work, like crop dusting, and some were general aviation planes.

Although those planes were built a long time ago they were so well built that many are still in service today.

The Civic Center is jointly owned by Lincoln County and the Town of Afton. William Call is the president of the Foundation. Glen Call is the Tour Guide Coordinator at the Museum. For tours you can call Glenn Call at 307-885-3995 or 307-413-5198 during daylight hours, Mountain Time.

To find out more about the airplanes they built and the company, visit the museum website at this link.

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