In Wyoming, weather and road conditions can change in just a few hours or miles. Localized road impact forecasting is critical for planning safe travel.

Here in Wyoming, it's a good idea to check the forecast for where you are going, and also what you might experience along the way.

With so many miles to travel between towns, there can be many changes in weather and road conditions along the way.

Let's take a look at how the Wyoming Department Of Transportation, (WYDOT) gathers road condition data.

You can hear one of these voices on radio stations across Wyoming with year-round updates. Road conditions can turn bad at any time of the year.

The video below features Mark Heuer, Dayweather Meteorologist and WYDOT Road Weather Manager.

If you travel frequently you might want to follow WYDOT on YouTube. 

The videos posted there provide forecasts with illustrations, showing the information a traveler will need from the moment it was posted and into the next day.

The WYDOT website is filled with quick-to-access information. This includes forecasts, and color-coated road maps showing current conditions.

Another layer that can be added to the map is the cameras that have been placed across Wyoming. If you ever want to see what a particular stretch of highway looks like in real-time, just pick the camera for the area you're thinking of and have a look.


To access the cameras, or many other features, just look to the top right of the webpage and you'll see what looks like a stack of papers. Those are where the "layers" are that you can add.

There is a lot to explore on the WYDOT website and all the information you'll need to plan a safe trip any time of year.

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