First, what type of gun depended on where you were and what you were doing.

Something big and powerful if you were in bear country.

Something fast, long-range, and accurate for Indian country.

Maybe just a pistol when in town.

Despite what you see in Hollywood movies, gunfights in the Old West were actually rare.


You are more likely to get mugged today, especially in a major city than you were back in the days of the Old West.

Still, outlaws did roam the west it, well,  refer to rule one. Have a gun. 

There was no such thing as dialing 911.

You were on your own.

In those days the sheriff usually showed up after something had happened, then went looking for the bad guys.


Ranchers fought ranchers.

Indians pushed back on encroaching white settlers.

Mexicans tried to keep the West in Mexican hands.

Settling someplace probably meant you might have to defend it.


Sometimes the accused was LYNCHED without the courts or a trial.

Just be careful to not get on the wrong side of a dispute.

Many people were accused of doing something they never did and got LYNCHED.


Getting sick was a problem.

There were few doctors, many fake doctors, and few hospitals.

Getting sick was a big deal back then.


Floods, droughts, extreme heat, and cold have always been a problem.

Since the climate is always evolving, and there was no such thing as a weatherman back then, you would have had to prepare for any and every possible change from season to season, and year to year.

The same is true today, except today we have weathermen to at least tell us what might be coming in the next few days.

But even today's weatherman can't predict a long-term forecast.


If you were dropped into the wilderness today, with nothing but the clothes on your back, how long would you last?

Most people today would not - at all.

Back then people had knowledge of how to survive on what was around them.


Life is so much easier today.

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