Have you ever seen any of the movies based on the novel "The Island of Dr Moreau."

It's the story of a well-intentioned scientist who ends up making horrid human-animal hybrids through genetic splicing and breeding.

Sci-fi met reality in Montana where an 80-year-old man was just found guilty of trying to create a huge hybrid bighorn sheep species.

He was found guilty of violating The Lacey Act which prohibits interstate trade in wildlife.

The man had to bring in different kinds of sheep from around the world in order to create a bigger breed.

Aurthur "Jack" Schubarth has been charged in actions related to illegally importing parts of sheep as well as cloning those sheep for sale.

He now faces prison and hefty fines.

Why the heck did he think we needed something like that?

Watch the story from local Montana TV.

Hunting them would be FUN!

He hoped to fence them in and charge hunters to have a go.

Just imagine what would have happened if these much larger bighorn sheep had gotten out and bred with the local sheep population.

Sooner or later it would happen and we would have a real problem.

We see this very problem when idiot tourists vacation in and cross-breed with each other.

We end up with a bigger, fatter, and dumber breed of tourists.

Besides, the Western states have enough scary animals as it is. We really don't need to breed bigger and scarier animals, do we?

Bighorn Sheep Rams
Fy Nyth via YouTube

Our bears are big enough and so are our mountain lions.

If anything we should try to breed a smaller version of them.

Imagine a mountain lion as small as a kitten and a full-size grizzly bear the size of a puppy.

Now that would be much more manageable.

And cuter.

And we could pet them without getting eaten.

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