Trip Advisor, working with the Wyoming Department Of Tourism has released what they think is probably the best road trip plan for first-time visitors.

There are big places, like Yellowstone National Park and The Grand Tetons.

But there is so much to the rest of the state.

Actually, this is a good plan for people who live in the state too.

These attractions are missed by most people.

So let's plan a couple of highway road trips that will pick up some of the places that most people miss.

We can't name them all... there is too much to see!

A few of the attractions on the list include:

Buffalo Wyoming:

Just visit the town. Stay a while. Then leave by taking Highway 16 over the Bighorn Mountains down into Tensleep.

Or, head north to the town of Sheridan. From there go a little more north and find Highway 14 over the Bighorn Mountains. Either highway is an adventure.

Hot Springs County Museum & Cultural Center, Thermopolis, WY

A really great museum with a whole lot of history! You get to go up to the original bar where the outlaws from the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang once sat. You also get to walk around the “old town of Thermopolis” recreation which made you feel like you were wandering back in time.

Don't miss the Thermopolis Dinosaur Museum. 

Driving to Thermopolis make plans to drive through:

Wind River Canyon

The Wind River Canyon is between the towns of Shoshoni and Thermopolis, and a great spot to drive through stop and take pictures and take in the view! You’ll get to see the layered formations and sometimes even some bighorn sheep. It’s a beautiful drive and you get to go through a few tunnels along the way.

In the upper left-hand corner of the state, just outside of Yellowstone:

Buffalo Bill Dam Cody, WY

Worth the stop! Such beautiful scenery, with a visitor center where you can learn more about the dam and there is also a souvenir shop. If you park in the parking lot, you’ll get a sweet little golf cart ride to the visitor center.

Devil's Tower

On the northeast side of the state. Don't miss everything there is to do in the Black Hills.

The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park are a week-long trip all by themselves. You'll need another vacation to get all of that in.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Thermopolis Wyoming has one of the most interesting and active dinosaur museums in the world. As they continued to make new finds in the area they put in on display, so you can discover and learn.

Let's have a look at some of what is on display.

The Largest Gun, Saddle & Oddity Museum In Wyoming

The old west is preserved with the largest collection of guns, saddles and rare western oddities at King's Saddlery & Museum in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.

Inside The Cars At The Douglas Wyoming Train Museum