A Rawlins Wyoming man went hunting and met a space alien.

Wait - WHAT?

Yeah, he met an alien who had come to Earth also to hunt deer.

Don't laugh, this is supposed to be a true story.

The alien drugged the hunter and...

Okay, I think the hunter was already drugged and it was a case of self-medication, but anyway.

Then the alien took him to his planet.

Hold on, let's back up because back in the mid-1970s this was a big story.

It was October 25, 1974. 41-year-old Carl Higdon was an oil rig worker. Carl went hunting for a weekend in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming.

In the book “Alien Abduction of The Wyoming Hunter: First Person Story of Carl Higdon,”. Hold on. Yeah, this is a book you can buy.

attachment-Alien Abduction Carl Higdon

Back then there was a big interest in UFO stories.,

UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster were great for TV ratings and newspaper and magazine sales.

There was an unusual abduction story that first appeared in local newspapers and then worked its way up to national newspapers and then TV.

This Wyoming story had it all alien abduction, space, and time travel.

The story of a man who tried to put his life back together after his memory was wiped clean by the space alien.

In the video below you can hear Leonard Nimoy narrate the story on the old TV show In Search Of.

In the book, he claims that he shot at a deer but the bullet came out of the gun in slow motion and then fell sharply to the ground as if it had hit something invisible.

At that moment the atmosphere around him seemed to fill with static electricity.

He went and picked up the bullet and saw that it was flattened as if it had hit something very strong.

The deer had run off.

The hunter heard a noise of branches crunching. He saw a human figure.

The figure looked sort of like a tall man and wore a tight black jumpsuit, similar to a diving suit. What looked like seat belts with a yellow star decoration were around his waist.

He did not seem to have ears.

His eyes were small and deep-set.

His mouth was an open slit, from which three large teeth were visible.

Two short antennae rose from his forehead.

The being's hair stood straight up like straw. Its head sat on its shoulders with no next to support it.

The arms were very long.

This strange being then spoke in English, asking “How are you?” The stunned Higdon answered “Okay."

How about, "Okay, but I think I just peed myself a little." That's what I would have answered.


In the video below an artist tries to draw the alien based on the description in the story.

If you think the story is strange so far, read on. Because our hunter has a lot to tell about what happened to him next.

Where he was taken to and what happened when he got back.

After the incident, he was confused and could not remember even his own name.

He only remembered what happened after a UFO expert hypnotized him to dig into his memory and find the truth.

The story eventually faded from the public's memory.

But maybe we should take a moment to remember it.

True or not it is the kind of story that fascinates us.

Here is how the story appeared in the San Antonio Star back in 1975.


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