Still waiting to see the first signs of a green glass, or a bud on a tree?


It's coming.

It's been an uneven winter for Wyoming.

The southern and western parts of the state have had a lot of snow.

Not so much up in the northeast.

Spring is an unstable season. We can expect to see a lot more snow and rain coming our way.

Typically these are the wettest months out west.

Most of this week will be sunny and dry. But more moisture will hit at the end of the week.

In the video below regional weatherman Don Day explains this weekend's weather.

Last year Wyoming stayed green for most of the summer and into the fall.

That's unusual for this part of the country.

That probably won't happen in 2024.

You know the old joke, "Don't like Wyoming's weather, wait five minutes."

Speaking with Don Day of Day Weather he actually called April cruel.

According to forecasters, March will certainly prove that old joke true.

Changing seasons from summer to winter or vice-versa

It's nice to see the grass is getting greener and the temperature is slowly rising... but then the next day it's not, and here comes the snow again.

Have you seen the buds on the trees? It's beginning. Soon flowers will be bud and birds will come out to sing.

Spring is here and Wyoming is about to bloom.

Wyoming Spring Fever

Enough of Winter. We want to see some spring.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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