When I say "loneliest town" you might think I mean someplace like Buford, Wyoming, population 1.

But Buford is on Interstate 80 and the population works at a convenience store where lots of people stop to get gas and snacks for the road.

That's not so lonely.

Perhaps the loneliest town in Wyoming is one that is so far removed from the rest of the world that they are amazed and a little suspicious when a car comes driving through.

attachment-Photo By Tim Mandese

The photo above is from the little town of Lost Cabin.

The oil and gas companies are headquartered here. There is a big old building that housed the company but it is not used anymore. Just a few quaint little houses left. Most of them are not lived in.

You can use this Google Link to see a map of where it is and see a street view.

Just nothing out there. Not a darn thing. No need for stop lights or cops. They have to drive several hours just to buy groceries.

But don't go thinking that nobody is out there and no one is having fun. In the video below someone who is working at Lost Cabin decided to have some fun flying a little drone around his office. Probably because he was bored... because he lives in Lost Cabin.

Here is a video of someone driving out that way. It is beautiful, but you will see that it is a lot of beautiful NOTHING!

So, unless you can find a more remote town (if you can even call it a town) I think Lost Cabin is the loneliest town in Wyoming.

You can find the lost town of the lost cabin by driving Wyoming's Badwater Road.

There is a road that even those who were born and raised in Wyoming might not know about. Yet it is one of the most beautiful drives in the state.

If you suffer from "get-there-itis" then this is not the trip for you. But if you want an all-day trip where you plan to jump out and look at one awe-inspiring view after the next, you'll want to start on Badwater Road and head north.

Driving Wyoming's Badwater Road

A road trip through Wyoming backcountry shows the gorgeous sights and long history The Cowboy State has to offer.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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