Are you a Rockies fan?

That means you love baseball but your team just SUCKS!

In fact, they have sucked for such a long time you might not remember a time when they didn't suck.

Is it even worth buying tickets anymore?

Honestly, going to a game is like having a lottery ticket.

Odds are it's not a winning ticket in your hand.


There are some upsides to being a Denver Rockies fan.

Unlike people who root for winning teams, you never have to worry about tickets being sold out.

The odds are you can pick what seat you want.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Chances are there won't be anyone scalping tickets.

But if you do find a scalper, you actually have HIM right where you want him.

Don't worry about looking for cheap seats to save money.

All seats are cheap seats.

Even sitting in the expensive seats is affordable.

No traffic heading to the game.

No reason to leave the game early, to avoid traffic.

No one will be cheering, so, take a nap in the quiet stadium.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Someone might have to wake you when the game is over.

Hotdogs and beer are CHEEP!

No lines at the toilets.

You'll save a ton of money buying paraphernalia of your favorite player, because, really, nobody wants this stuff so everything is marked down to clearance prices.

Since nobody actually has a favorite player, prices are reduced beyond that.

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies
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You don't have to worry about memorizing all the stats of every player and every game.

I mean, honestly, what's the point?

When, or if, they finally do win a game, you'll remember it and you can say that you were there.

Although, nobody will believe you.

So you see, being a Rockies fan has many advantages over being a fan of a great team.

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