If you are curious about how the West got to be the way it is, geologically speaking, then you probably love seeing those geology signs along the state's mountain highways.

Though, it's probably better to have a passenger read the signs if you are driving. It's not a good idea to read them while riding a ledge that leads to a 1000-foot drop-off.

Most of those geology signs point to the type of rock and when they were probably formed.

That's interesting information when they get it right.

But recently a geologist who's been traveling through Wyoming found one that was wrong.

99.99% of people out there would have not known that what they were reading was a mistake.

Leave it to this one guy to see it.

Most geotourism signs are fun and useful for identifying where you are in the rock section…except when they’re WRONG!

This outcrop has specific sedimentary structures and trace fossils that conclusively demonstrate that this ISN’T The Nugget Sandstone.

I’ll explain as we go! (Dr. Anton's Rock-o-Rama).

The headline of his video reads:

The Sign LIED?!? (“Jurassic Nugget” is REALLY Cretaceous Ericson Fm at Flaming Gorge Reservoir).

I'll get picky about his language, and I don't think he will disagree. It's only a "LIE" if the person knew it was wrong when they said it, but said it anyway.

This is a mistake. Not a "lie."

Below is a photo of the damning evidence.

Don't ask me, I have NO idea what he's pointing at.

attachment-You Tube Gelogoly sign 3

What if someone placing these signs for WYDOT got two of them mixed up? That would mean that there is one other sign in the wrong place.

The good Dr. noticed the mistake when fishing in Flaming George, on the Utah side.

He drove back over to look at the sign again then examined the area.


To be fair, it's really hard to find a geology sign that's wrong.

But now that it's been pointed out perhaps the Wyoming Department Of Transportation can send someone to the area with a new sign.

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