Recently that weird TV show Ancient Aliens had a segment about The Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

The claim was that back in the 1930's an explorer found a cave that led into one of the mountains in the Teton range and while exploring it he was greeted by some strange alien-like creatures.

They gave him a tour.

Eventually, they were some 2000 feet into the mountain.

They showed him great technological wonders and a disc of some sort that possessed wonderful abilities.

BUT WAIT, there's more.

Watch the video, below.

According to the video, this has something to do with the Vikings!

This video claims to have documented aliens living in the wilds of Wyoming.

WAIT- wait! It gets worse.

The host of this video claims the remote location of Wyoming was selected because of BIGFOOT!

He claims the aliens have an "Unholy Alliance," with Bigfoot.

If you think we've gone down the rabbit hole here, we've not even jumped in.

The video continues with a man on a horse in Yellowstone claiming that the perfectly shaped hot spring in front of him was made by a "Flying Saucer" that is under the ground and the water is bubbling up around the saucer. The water is heated by the spacecraft.

The rest of the video is of 3 guys on horses with really dramatic and campy music. They don't actually do anything.

So are the tourists who dip their fingers into the hot springs in Yellowstone trying to communicate with an alien spacecraft?

Sure- let's go with that.

Wyoming does have 2 registered UFO spaceports. That much is true.

Farmer meets alien.
Getty Images

Many stories have been written about Wyoming's Green River Intergalactic Space Port.

The most recent one by Cowboy State Daily, titled:

Why The Heck … Does Green River, Wyoming, Have An Intergalactic Spaceport?

In past articles, I've pointed out that Wyoming has two spaceports. Don't forget Devils Tower.  The "documentary" Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is well known.

You can look up the Green River Intergalactic Space Port on any map.

But did you know you can look it up on a special map made just for pilots?

Let's back up to see how this spaceport came to be.

Much like the invention of the Jackalope in Douglas, Wyoming (which is now world-famous) the Green River Space Port was said to be an interplanetary humanitarian effort to save potential lifeforms on Jupiter.

The planet was being bombarded by the remnants of a comment at the time.

What began as tongue-in-cheek by the local city council is now officially recognized on aeronautical charts.

Yeah, that's right, the FAA has a sense of humor.

Then again, anyone from Jupiter is welcome, for real.

Just, nobody from the giant planet has taken them up on it.

This odd-looking map below is called a Sectional Chart. It's used by pilots.

attachment-Sectional Chart Wyoming

Let's zoom in to the Green River area to see what the FAA has named that little dirt and gravel strip locals call the  Green River Intergalactic Space Port. 

You notice an airport identifier of 48U. Not really a clever name. It just helps pilots to find it when using electronic maps or planning a flight.

Cheyenne's airport identifier is KCYS. Casper's is KCPR. The Rock Springs airport is identified as KRKS.


What's that written above 48U?

attachment-Map Space Port Wyoming

Well, I'll be...

Some years ago the FAA officially recognized that little green river airport as GREEN RIVER INTERGALACTIC.

Digging a little deeper into the official FAA listings, they do include SPACE PORT in their write-up. They just did not care to write it all out on the map, to save space.

So, there you go, It's official.

The only officially recognized Intergalactic Spaceport on Earth.

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