So, your kid wants to go sledding.

You want to go ice fishing.

Besides, you hate having to walk all the way down to get your kid, and the sled, and walk them all the way back up so he can go down again.

This is because your kid is too young to do it himself.

Well, if you are a smart dad, you can combine everything and make it more fun an ever before.

Below is a video of a dad doing just that.

TRUST ME - you are NOT going to believe this.

Sled - fishing pole - lawn chair - and what else...

OH RIGHT - and the kid.


Okay, the fishing line is pulled in by an electric reel. Is that cheating?

At this point, I figure the kid is rather light.

The pound test on the line is on the stronger side.

So is the pole.

The snow has to be slick enough and not so bumpy so dad can pull JR. back up.


Everybody is having a great time.

Come to think of it, it's a great workout for Dad, too.

I'm sure Dad brought beer and snacks.

Now somebody just needs to make a video out of this and Dad has gone VIRAL!

This reminds me of another video.

Dad figures out how to teach his son to hit a baseball, but he doesn't have to chase the ball.


Let's hear it for genius-level dad's everywhere.

There is no way that somebody can't have fun with this idea.

And there are bragging rights for DECADES!

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