Let's get on a motorcycle and drive some of the most treacherous back roads Wyoming has to offer.

The Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route is a multi-day off-pavement ride for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles through the most dramatic and rugged landscapes in Wyoming.

These are backroads.

At times a rider might wonder if there is even a road.

At times you can expect it to see some of the worst possible conditions.

This cross-country adventure begins in Baggs, WY, the route traces the mountain ranges to the east through the Sierra Madre and Medicine Bow Ranges, crosses west to the Wind River Range, then goes back east and north through the Bighorn Mountains, eventually ending at a remote Wyoming-Montana border.

So that means this video will take us from the bottom center of the state to the top while attempting to stay on nothing but dirt roads and trails.

Sometimes paved roads are unavoidable.

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Almost every section includes some moderately technical riding, as the remote two-track flows through regions of vast high-desert, short-grass prairies, and alpine climates.

In a few places, our host gives us a point-of-view camera shot over the handlebars as he navigates a thin trail, just wide enough for his motorcycle.

He apologizes to a cow as he rides through a free-range herd.

He hits some bad weather along the way.

Camping is not always comfortable, but that's part of the adventure

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Riders experience some of the best and most jaw-dropping views from the summit of two different 11,000-foot mountains, cross two major rim escarpments, and pass through many other seldom-visited areas and historic mining towns.

This is some of the most remote country riding that Wyoming has to offer.

Travelers need to plan their trips with care.

This video trip is below.

The host of this almost two-and-a-half-hour video greets us with the following message.

I'm Brady, AKA Mountainman, I've been a soldier, ski bum, police officer, government worker, photographer, and all-around nomad. Now I travel on my motorcycle, make videos, and share them with the world. Along the way I do dumb stuff off-road, camp, fly drones, take pictures, learn about culture and history, and do my best to take you with me.

In early 2022 I set off on my motorcycle Yennefer (2021 Tenere 700) for an adventure with no set destination or timeline.

Come along with me and let’s see what will happen as I try to ride until I can't.

Outstanding Graffiti Train Passes Through Wyoming

We all see the graffiti on trains that pass through Wyoming.

But have you ever paused just a moment to look at it?

A lot is garbage.

But some of this still can be considered art.

Even great art.

Other times it's just an interesting message.

Grifiti art exhibit on wheels passing through America pauses in Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Medicine Bow Wyoming Road Art

There is a strange mind at work in Medicine Bow Wyoming.

Someone who is disturbed, yet having a lot of fun at the same time.

This person wants to share that fun with you.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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