Who invited this guy to the wedding?

See the couple interviewed by a local TV station below.

Sometimes nature shows its disapproval.

That might be the impression this Colorado couple got on their wedding day.

It started as a beautiful day for Cailyn McRossie-Martinez and Brandon Martinez.

Until a torrential downpour drenched their guests while they said their vows.


They completed the service and were married.

attachment-KCRA Wedding YouTube 1

You have to admit, that's a great photo of the two of them getting married in the rain.

It seems like everyone was ready for a possible storm.

Nice try mother nature.

But they were ready for you.

This next screen grab from a YouTube video of their wedding shows everyone in attendance with umbrellas.

attachment-KCRA Wedding YouTube 2

They went inside to the reception.

Only to find a black bear standing on top of the dessert table, sucking down their expensive food.

The venue staff was able to shoo the bear, but significant damage had been done.


Take it in stride.

This is what life does.

The bride, Caitlyn, told KUSA-TV that their very unusual wedding day was a good lesson.

The couple decided to laugh about it and remember these moments for the rest of their lives.

That's a great attitude.

They have pictures and videos of the rain and the bear.

How many people can say they had a wedding like that?

"This takes the cake," said the bride.

"Literally, this takes the cake."

She's not wrong.

She said it with a smile.

That's a great attitude.

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