Indania Jones is not just a series of movies.

There was a television show for a while called "Young Indiana Jones."

The first episode shows begins with an adult Jones.

Indiana Jones and an Indian friend in a car chase down a snowy road.

The bad guys run into a snow bank.

Shortly after Jones and his friend get stuck.

They hike to a cabin where they wait out a blizzard.

That opening scene of the TV series was shot in Jackson Wyoming at Harrison Ford's home during a snowy Wyoming Winter.

Here is that opening scene.

The road they were driving on was Ford's driveway to his Jackson Wyoming home.

Yeah, he has a long driveway.

From there the TV series never used Harrison Ford again.

After all, it was called Indiana Jones.

There are some scenes with Jones as an old man but that was not played by Harrison Ford.

You might notice that Ford has a beard in this scene.

That's because he was busy shooting the movie The Fugitive at the time and he needed the beard.

The video below explores what went into making the scene above. 

The Young Indiana Jones series hopped around on several networks and, while it had its audience, it never really took off as a smash hit show.

Most people either don't remember the series or have never heard of it.

But that's not to say the show was bad.

There were actually some good episodes.

There is one final Indiana Jones movie coming out.

Harrison Ford is now 80 years old.

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