In a remote corner of southwest Wyoming, high atop a bluff, is this strange-looking cross.

It can be seen on Google Earth.

It's made of stone.

Nobody knows who made it or how long it's been there.

There are only guesses as to its age and origin.

Scroll to exactly 7:19 in the video below.

That's where our host, who's been exploring this part of Wyoming, shows us this cross, up close and personal.

He found it by watching another YouTube video that was exploring weird and unexplained things seen from above.

There is a pile of rocks that make up the center.

These are not pebbles, but good size rocks.

Two lines come out of that center pile to make the rocks.

there is a circle several feet out, the cross lines continue past them.

At the end of each arm of the cross are small circles.

This cross is rather large and took some good size rocks to make it.

It would have taken someone a while to gather all of these rocks and place them.

It doesn't look like a one-day job.

attachment-Weird Cross Wyoming Youtube 2

So what is it and who made it?

There are several theories.

Let's start with space aliens, because, why not?

Indigenous people?


It's not a medicine wheel, but it could have some significance to ancient peoples.

Though, there aren't any stories in Indian lore about such crosses.

Maybe someone camping up here just decided to have some fun and make a huge, thingy, on the ground.

Then he, or they, left. All the while wondering if anyone would ever find it.

attachment-Weird Cross Wyoming Youtube 3

Above is the end of one of the arms.

One cross arm is about 75 feet long.

As I said, big.

You can use Google to find this and see it from space.

South Table Mountain. - 41.90623, -109.00798

The cross/arrow: 41.90406, -109.00883

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