Potholes making you mad?

Honestly, this is why we don't want the government taking on too many jobs.

They can't even do this one simple thing.


Fine, relax, take a breath.

Tell a few pothole jokes to ease the tension, and pain, and cost of auto repair.

These jokes are NOT good.

You have been warned.

The guys fixing the potholes on our road have completely disappeared.
I have no idea when they’re going to resurface.

What did Scooby say when the Mystery Van hit a pothole?
Rut Road.

LET'S SING - Rock Me Like A Pothole!

I tried to bury some old cookware but I couldn't find a spot anywhere to put my pans.
All I saw were potholes.

Hit a pothole and blew out a tire today

What’s the difference between a pothole and a regular hole?
One is a little higher than the other.

Road full of potholes
“You are such an unfaithful person.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because you avoid the holy road!”

I asked a local council general labourer filling potholes in the road
"Do you dig graves?"
He said "Well - they're ok, I suppose"

What do you call a street full of potholes and ice cream?
Rocky Road.


I was talking to a council worker the other day and I asked him
"What's it like working for the council?
"Oh you know you have good days and bad days."
"Swings and roundabouts I suppose"
"Yeah sometimes we fill potholes as well."

I found an inconsistency in a Cheech and Chong movie.
It was a pothole.

Where do stoner cars store their weed?
In potholes.

What is the difference between a blonde and a pothole?
You swerve to miss a pothole!


The Bison Secret Of Thermopolis Wyoming

Thermopolis has so much to offer.
The Wind River Canyon.
River Rafting
Fly Fishing
Unique Shops.
Dinosaur Bone Hunting.
Dinosaur Museum.

Did you know about the Thermopolis buffalo pasture?

Wyoming April Blizzard 2023

It was a record breaking snow storm.

Listeners to the Wake Up Wyoming Show with Glenn Woods offered up photos from across Wyoming of the piles of snow around their homes after a spring storm that lasted almost 3 days.

Its funny what snow does when it settles.

But then, after the laughter, comes the work of digging out.