Let's give them credit.

The Wyoming Department Of Transportation, or WYDOT. is just being real.

They posted this meme on their Wyoming Road and Weather Conditions Reports Updates Facebook page.

See the entire thing below.

Many comments were left and all were in support of the meme.

It's honest and if you live in Wyoming you know it to be true.

It's also Springtime in Wyoming.

That makes the weather difficult to predict at best.

The weather is different from year to year with much broader trends over longer periods of time.


Spring is the most unpredictable season in Western states like Wyoming.

It's also the time of year when the West gets most of its moisture.

So let's have NO complaining when it rains, or snows, or sleets, or hails, or does all of the above at once.

We need the moisture.

Here are some of the comments left under the meme on Facebook.

attachment-Wyoming Road Conditions 2

As of Tuesday morning, there were 25 comments and 843 shares.

Probably the best comment I found is the one, below.

attachment-Wyoming Road Conditions 3

This Facebook page is a good place to visit when you're planning a cross-country trip.

They also offer good conversation and humor.

You can even ask questions about the route you plan to take on the date and time you plan to take it.

Though be warned, they might just respond with the meme you see above.

WYDOT also offers videos on its YouTube page.

They post extra when conditions are about to go bad.

They might not know exactly what is going to happen, or even when it's going to happen, but at least they admit it and have a sense of humor about it.

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