Wow, look at all those keys.

Look closely and you'll see keys on the front and back of that key box on the wall as well as keys inside the box.

When I asked him to pose for this photo he went to his desk and produced more keys.

What you see in this photo is not the half of it.

This is Jim Cunningham of Cummingham Electric in Casper, Wyoming.

Jim's company serves customers all over the region, not just in his hometown.

That means Jim needs keys to several different utility trucks, buildings, and sheds.

Let's not forget padlocks for fences, sheds, utility boxes, and toolboxes.

I'm sure there are locks to many other things that he told me about, but I'm forgetting.

Imagine showing up to work somewhere and thinking, "WHAT? THAT HAS A LOCK TOO?"

attachment-cunningham electric

So many things need locking up and each lock has its own key.

So how the HECK can anyone keep track of all this?

Honestly, I was afraid to ask, so I didn't.

There must be a system, right?

How much time do you think he and his employees spend looking for the right key?

How many times have they driven all the way out to a work site only to find they had the wrong key?

After years of building this company, I'm sure they have worked out something that makes the task easier.

There must be something modern technology can do to help Jim out.

However, installing a new system based on technology would be expensive.

Perhaps impossible too.

We are not just talking about doors, fences, boxes, and padlocks.

We have to think about all of the vehicles and machines his company has to operate.

Taking all of the keys Jim is showing us here, plus all of the keys he didn't show us, how much do you think they all weigh?

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