I hope you've been enjoying this week's weather.

You're going to hate the weekend.

Expect the wind to pick up on Friday across Wyoming.

This rather large system, which might be the big Spring storm we have been waiting for, starts to move into the state on Friday.

The Eastern side of Wyoming won't feel much of anything until Saturday.

How exactly the storm shapes up and who gets the brunt of it is still up for debate among meteorologists and their competing weather models.

It's all about where the center of the storm locates itself.

Watch the latest regional weather forecast, below.

This could be a big hit for northeastern Wyoming, or southeastern, or maybe more in the western parts of South Dakota.

We do not yet know where the highest impact areas are.

What is known is that somebody is going to get something.

As for what we will get, it will be a little of everything.

Wind, rain, sleet, snow, ice, expect it all.

This slow-moving system will stay with us for several days. Saturday into Monday.

Tuesday and the rest of next week returns us to nice weather and the Sun comes out again and the clouds move away.

See WYDOT advance road impacts in the video below.

This is a typical spring pattern for Western states like Wyoming.

The good news is that this is the time of year when the West gets most of its moisture for the year, and these spring storms have not been disappointing.

Areas that have the most need for moisture, like the northeastern planes, have been getting plenty of it.

We will keep you posted as we get closer to the weekend and meteorologists have a better idea of where this storm centers.

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