Some folks in southeast Wyoming noticed some heavy haze in the sky yesterday.

It's a bit of a shock for Wyoming.

We've had so much rain and yet we are dealing with smoke... AGAIN!

Heavy storms cleared that smoke from the sky on Thursday.

But today, Friday, it's back.

That smoke is coming from wildfires up in Canada.

The wind's aloft is bringing that smoke almost directly down on Wyoming.

It's so thick in some areas that warnings have been issued for parts of our regions.

These screenshots were taken from the Weather Data Weather App on my phone.

It actually says that Friday's smoke is worse than Thursday's.

attachment-Weather Data Weather App

Expect that smoke to linger for a few days.

How thick and where will depend on what the winds up high are doing that day.

You can use the Fire & Smoke map at this link to track and look at forecasts.

The map from that website, below, shows where the heaviest smoke is as of Friday morning.

The red dots are where the smoke is worse for breathing and your watery eyes.

In those areas, it might be a good idea to stay inside and use your air conditioner to filter what you breathe.

attachment-Fire & Smoke Map

You might also have an app on your phone that gives you a smoke index.

Apps that provide wind direction, like the WINDY app, can also help you see which way the smoke will be blowing over the next few days.

For this weekend there will not be much wind in our region.

That means most of the smoke that wanders down from Canada will not move out quickly.

We will have to count on spring showers to "wash the sky."


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