It's not that the people of Wyoming don't like outsiders moving to their state.

But you have to be well suited for the state.

It's not for everyone.

Here are 10 reasons NOT to move to Wyoming according to people from Wyoming.

We did a survey asking residents of Wyoming why they wouldn't live in Wyoming if they weren't there already. Most Wyomigites said they love their state, but they know Wyoming isn't for everyone. This video isn't about the Pros and cons of living in Wyoming. It is the thing people need to know before they decide to relocate to Wyoming. (World According To Briggs). 


1. Seasonal allergies

This is a true one. I never had allergies until I moved to Wyoming from the South East. I was not used to what bloomed out here during certain times of the year.

2. We like Wyoming the way it is

Do not move to Wyoming and then start complaining about what is wrong with the state. Wyominites like their state the way it is. Do come here wanting to change it to be more like where you came from.

This top ten comes from the video below.

3. Wyoming produces energy

We are very dependent on that economy. You can't live here if you're not prepared for a boom-and-bust economy.

4. Access to air travel

This is the only thing the above video gets wrong. If you need an airport close by that will get you to wherever else you need to be, you won't find it in Wyoming. However, some communities like Casper, Cheyenne, and Gillette do provide air travel to Denver and Salt Lake City.

5. Cold weather and wind

Wyoming weather can be brutal. Get used to it or don't move here. We do have a lot of snow to play in and our summers are great.

6. Wyoming is a high plains desert.

Droughts are nothing new around here. There is not a lot of water and Wyoming is in the top 5 least humid states. You'll need to like it dry. Get ready to buy extra lip balm.

Learn to deal with the wind or go home.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

7. Living with wildlife

Get used to wildlife. They live here too. Your pet can get killed by a wild animal. Hitting an animal on the road and suffering vehicle damage is common.

8. The altitude

You'll have to get used to the high altitude. Some people never do. This is the second-highest state in the nation. That means less oxygen.

9. Internet access

Wyoming does not have the greatest internet access. Folks out here live in rural areas to get away from it all. Hard to connect is part of that.

10. Natural disasters

We do have our share of natural disasters. Wind, flooding, wildfires, blizzards. It's harsh out here. If you can handle it or even like experiencing harsh weather then this place is for you.

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