The Denver Zoo's new baby mountain goat may only be a week old, but it's already learning to climb.

The zoo announced the goat's arrival in a Facebook post, revealing that father Elbert and mother Magnolia became parents on May 30.

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"Magnolia is calm but protective, which is exactly how a mama mountain goat should be," read the post. "Dad Elbert is very curious about this new baby, but he's being polite and keeping his distance. If he gets too close for comfort, Magnolia lets him know and he backs off appropriately."

An adorable video shows the baby cuddling with Magnolia and tentatively learning to climb.

In a separate Facebook post, the zoo said the baby is getting even better at scaling Goat Mountain, which simulates the rugged terrain mountain goats are used to.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), mountain goats were introduced to Colorado in 1947 and became a native species of the state in 1993. In the Rocky Mountains, the animals usually stay above the treeline to munch on grasses and avoid predators.

The zoo is still determining the sex and name of Elbert and Magnolia's new baby, but it's "getting stronger and more curious by the day" and can be viewed by the public. 

Earlier this year, the zoo welcomed the arrival of a brand-new species: a six-year-old red-flanked duiker named Chicken. He'll move into a public-facing exhibit later this summer.

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