Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins on Friday commented on the January 23 water main break flooding in the Cahill Park area that extensively damaged some homes on Darnell Place.

The break was reported a little before 2 a.m. BOPU crews were able to shut off the water by about 5 a.m., and water service was restored a couple of hours after that. In the meantime, basements were flooded and homes were extensively damaged

In his "Mayoral Minute' weekly news release, the mayor offered comments including the following.

You can imagine the amount of water that comes out of a pressurized 12” pipe – it would be massive. Unfortunately, the water main was uphill from the homes and water rushed downhill and into the basements of the homes. I can’t imagine the horror of waking up to the sound of breaking glass and rushing water. Today these families are in a precarious position – the incredible loss combined with the need to take care of their families. They are reaching out for help and the first step is to file a claim with BOPU’s insurance company. It is unknown at this time how that process will play out.

The mayor said he and his wife have donated to GoFundMe accounts to help the victims and encouraged others to do so as well.

The Cheyenne BOPU released a statement on Thursday about the flooding. You can read the entire statement here.

Included in that statement was information on how victims of the flood can file claims:

The Wyoming Association of Risk Management (WARM) is the insurance provider for the City of Cheyenne and the BOPU. Affected residents have been instructed to file claims through the City’s Risk Management office. WARM will review claims and make the final determination. Affected residents are also able to request an opportunity to present their case to the BOPU Board of Directors following final review and determination from WARM. More information regarding claims can be found on the BOPU’s website at:

The statement said that at that time, no one had so far filed any claims.

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