The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities will be flushing the water distribution system and conducting fire hydrant testing starting on April 15 and continuing through June, weather permitting.

That's according to a BOPU news release.

The release says the project will help to maintain water quality and keep the city's water supply fresh. It also helps keep insurance premiums manageable, according to the release.

But the hydrant flushing may also lead to discolored water, according to the release. The city says the water is still safe, but it may taste funny and leave stains on clothes.

What To Do If Your Water Is Discolored

The release offers the following advice if your water is discolored:

▪ Wait until the nearby hydrant flushing is complete

▪ Clean out faucet aerators or filters

▪ Allow COLD water to run through faucets or outside spigots until the water is clear

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