According to Sheriff Brian Kozak, the Laramie County Sheriff's Office and its ''Meow Mates" program helps homeless cats find forever homes and help inmates learn responsibility.

That's according to a post on the LCSO Facebook page. According to a video, the program takes homeless cats from Black Dog Animal Rescue and brings them into the Laramie County jail to live.

The sheriff's office says the cats, who in many cases are afraid of people, get used to humans and the hustle and bustle that may come with a family setting or a jail. In some cases the kitties learn to use litter boxes and about adopting to a feeding schedule. Inmates in turn learn responsibility and even about caring for a living creature.

Some inmates end up adopting the cats, but if not, Kozak says, the cats leave the jail as much more adoptable animals.

The program actually started under former Sheriff Danny Glick in 2021.

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