Earlier this week on the KGAB Facebook page, we asked listeners/readers what new restaurant they would like to see in Cheyenne.

We compiled the top vote-getters based on responses for this poll.

The Nominees Based On Our Facebook Post

So here they are, in no particular order;

Golden Corral. Bills itself as America's top buffet restaurant. Cheyenne used to have a Golden Corral, and apparently, a fair number of people would like to see it return. There are several Golden Corrals in Colorado, according to a Google search.

Raising Canes. Quite honestly I had never heard of this restaurant before this survey but a lot of other Cheyenne residents have and they like it. Founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it specializes in chicken fingers.

Long John Silvers. I think most people know that Long John Silvers is a national chain of seafood restaurants that probably needs no further introduction. If you haven't eaten at a Long John Silvers it is a sure bet you know about them through advertising.

Fuzzy's Tacos. Features ''fresh, homemade tacos and a vibrant dining experience." First opened in Fort Worth, Texas and has 150 locations. A fair number of commenters would like to see one more location in Wyoming's Capitol City.

Cracker Barrel. They have these right down the road in Colorado, and again, I would bet that you are familiar with them. They bill themselves as  "food with care'' and a friendly family-type atmosphere

Red Robin. A ''friendly burger restaurant featuring gourmet burgers and ingredients like avocado and pineapple. Another one that you are probably already familiar with. A little more upscale than your typical fast food burger joint, but still casual.

Anything that is not a chain. A lot of folks want something that isn't part of a national chain. There is something to be said for doing your own thing instead of being another corporate outlet, in the minds of many of our survey respondents

You Can Also Write In Your Own

NOTE: Because a long list of restaurants other than the top vote-getters got multiple mentions, we have included an option to write in your answer on our poll as well.

Cheba Hut, Whataburger, Tokyo Joe's, Del Taco, Cheesecake Factory, Runza,  and many more all got multiple mentions, but we have to cut off the number of poll entrants somewhere. But again, you can write in your favorite if it didn't make the cut.

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