A resident of the area near Cahill Park says her family and some of her neighbors are still without power following flooding caused by a water main break early Tuesday that deluged the area with flooding.

Mrs. Peterson says the flooding filled her family's basement on Darnell Place up to the ceiling with water destroying furnaces and water heaters. She says the family has been told that insurance will not cover the $80,000 in damage that she says the family home incurred.

"We are just devastated and scared' she told Townsquare Media on Thursday morning. "We want to know we will have a home and we are just sad and confused that we haven't had much help from the city. Our neighbors are all facing similar hardships with no heat, laundry or water heaters plus the cost to tear out our basements. We don't have hear or electricity in our home. We tried to save what we could but how do you save all your memories from downstairs? My grandfather's military uniform is ruined, my wedding dress, my baby boy's toys and baby mementos. And there's nothing we can do. We all, my neighbors included, just feel lost here."

A Wednesday morning call to Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins seeking comment on the situation had not been returned as of Thursday morning.

Cheyenne Board Of Public Utilities spokeswoman Erin Lamb told Townsquare Media on Tuesday morning that the break, which the BOPU is calling a "large leak" was reported at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Crews were already dealing with another water main break at that hour but were on the scene by 2 a.m. Water was shut off by 5 a.m. and Lamb said water service was restored within a couple of hours or so.

The city has been hit by a series of water main leaks/breaks this week. Lamb told Townsquare Media on Tuesday that the recent trend of freezing and warming temperatures was likely to blame.

Here is a video of the Peterson basement: