A woman serving a four- to eight-year prison sentence for trying to stab her boyfriend in the heart has died, the Wyoming Department of Corrections announced Friday.

According to a news release, Tana Kimber died yesterday, June 8, at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington. She was 54.

Per department policy, an autopsy will be conducted to determine Kimber's cause of death.

According to the Gillette News Record, Kimber was arrested on March 3, 2019, after trying to stab her boyfriend with a pocketknife.

The man, who was able to deflect the knife with his thumb, which had a 1-inch cut on it, and take the knife away, told police that if he hadn't deflected the knife it would have hit his heart.

Kimber also reportedly heated oil while she was cooking breakfast and tried to throw it at him, saying she was going to burn him, but she missed and it landed on the floor.

Kimber was subsequently convicted of aggravated assault and battery and sentenced on Aug. 1, 2019, to five years of probation in lieu of a four- to eight-year prison sentence, but she reportedly violated her probation and was sent to prison on Nov. 9, 2022.

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