Jackson's Randall Large woke up to noises in his room. He ignored them and went back to sleep. But the next night the noises were even worse – screeching. Randall freaked, hit the lights and started digging around. What he found was a bat. The whole time it had been under his pillow like a dollar from the tooth fairy. And the bat was rabid.

The bat started crawling off of his bed into the slats of the headboard. At this point, he was, “freaking out,” as Randall told a Jackson newspaper. He did, however, manage to take video with his smartphone (below link). In the video, he pulls out the bat with some kitchen tongs and tosses it out the window like a pro. But not without dropping an F-bomb.

Lucky for Large, he already had scheduled for the next day a doctor’s appointment. That was a real coincidence because his doctor told him he needed to get shots - fast.

Learing more about why the doc said that made Randall nervous enough to look outside his window, and he did find the bat, to be taken for testing. It was a long wait through Labor Day Weekend, but by Wednesday it was confirmed, that bat did actually have rabies.

The teeth of bats are so small that if one was bitten, one wouldn’t know it. Treatment can prevent death if it is started as soon as possible, preferably immediately.

Rabid bats have been confirmed in 49 out of 50 states. Hawaii is lucky enough to not have the problem that Randall has. There have been several confirmed rabid bat cases in Wyoming since the last data of 2015 was reported.