If you've ever been to a concert at CFD, you've probably seen this man. Jerry "the Ticket Scalper" has been buying and selling tickets outside of Frontier Park for three decades. In fact, this year marks his 30th anniversary at the "Daddy of 'Em All".

The Denver native, who travels around the country selling tickets at NASCAR events, first came to CFD in 1987. He still remembers his first day in Cheyenne.

"In those days, rodeo tickets were $4.50. I was selling them for $5 and got kicked out of the park. I've been standing on this corner ever since," he said.

Over the years, George Strait's 2004 concert remains the most expensive ticket he's ever sold.

"People were lining up to pay $200 for a seat," he recalled. "There's been a lot of shows, but that one was the biggest."

Jerry plans to keep driving his old RV across America until the wheels fall off.

"There's not many of us (ticket brokers) left. The internet changed (the business) a lot, but I'm still here" he said.

And the ride's not over, yet.

"I don't need to retire because I'm on vacation every day".




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