For the second time, Judas Priest have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, placed in the Top 5 fan voting, but didn't hear their name called when the induction class was announced.

Their absence from the upcoming proceedings has left many upset and choosing to vent online, while Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner has answered a few of those comments with those of his own.

When one fan tweeted, "Wait. Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails and Biggie Smalls BEFORE Judas Priest in Rock Hall 2020? How do I explain this to my child if I don't understand it?," Faulkner responded, "Doesn’t make sense does it Kenny? Hence why the rock hall holds no credibility for me and never has RHRF DOTF."

Later, another Twitter follower commented, "Rock Hall is a joke Richie. It's an absolute sham. 50 years of heavy metal is proof enough," to which Faulkner replied, "I’ve said it before but 50 years in and still making music, touring the globe to the best fans in the world is the biggest accolade I can think of. These institutions are founded on what these guys helped create and to not be included is a total joke. I have spoken haha RHRF DOTF"

In both years that Judas Priest were included on the ballot, the other time coming in 2018, the group made the Top 5 fan ballot, but ultimately found themselves not included in the induction. They've been eligible since 1999, but still didn't even find themselves included on the ballot to be voted on until 2018.

Last fall, when the band was announced as part of the ballot for a second time, singer Rob Halford stated, "There's always a tinge of controversy about the Hall, but the fact that Priest is here again speaks volumes about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame respecting heavy metal music, especially British heavy metal music. I'm so thrilled to be in esteemed company because both of those bands have their roots back in the U.K. We're very big friends of Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy and equally with Phil (Taylor) and Mikkey (Dee) from Motorhead. It's just an extra, extra feeling to know that we're surrounded by our great friends in the music world." Thin Lizzy and Motorhead were also absent from the 2020 induction class.

This past week, when Priest once again made the "fan ballot," the group stated, "A huge metal thank you to our Priest family for voting & defending Judas Priest in the fan vote for RRHoF 2020 - we made and stayed in the top five fan votes through your love and support. Whatever the outcome we are blessed having the best metal fans in the world of heavy metal!"

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