When life gives you rainstorms...go kayaking.

In a witty nod to the age-old adage "when life gives you lemons," Cheyenne residents made proverbial lemonade from yesterday's wild weather.

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When Life Gives You Rainstorms...Kayak on Tennis Courts

The people of Cheyenne have always been resourceful, and during yesterday's rainfall and the resulting deluge of floods around town, the ingenuity of our city's residents was on full display.

When Jason Bogstie caught sight of one particular display of Cheyenne's optimism and ingenuity, he had to capture the moment. After all, how often do you see kayakers enjoying the serene waters of a tennis court?

Jason shared with us that capturing the moment was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "When I saw the folks kayaking, I stopped immediately, knowing I had seen a white buffalo in progress."

Bogstie refers to the symbol of the white bison, which holds great significance to the American Indian tribes of the Great Plains. The National Park Service explains that in many tribes, the birth of a white bison calf is considered "a sign that good times are about to happen." 

"It’s better than snow, but summers here are so short, to begin with, that it’s sad to see so many rainy days. I’m glad some folks were not discouraged and made the best of the situation. Wyoming is full of ingenuity!"


Displays of Wyoming's intrepid nature continued to appear on social media. Lexie Stanley snapped photos of fishing waders in use on the Cheyenne Greenway Disc Golf-turned-Water Golf- courses. (Photos below!)
Such moments of bright optimism are, as Bogstie told us, "A message to everyone that a seemingly less than ideal situation can provide opportunity."
So the next time life gives you lemons (or crazy weather,) Cheyenne, remember there's always a bright side.
(Just remember to stay safe when enjoying that bright side, okay? For flooding and extreme weather tips, visit the Laramie County Flood Information page.)

Cheyenne Ingenuity Shines Post-Wild Wyoming Weather

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