I'm sure I'm going to get in big trouble for this. But I don't think anyone can blame me. The temptation would be too great for the best of us. When Townsquare Media in Cheyenne parks a shinny new Toyota pickup truck from Toyota of Laramie, with logos plastered all over it, including a giant teddy bear, then they hand me the keys, what do they expect a guy like me to do?

I just could not help myself.

"Can I do donuts in the parking lot?" I asked my supervisor. You can imagine the reaction I got from the boss.

I'm sure you're wondering - Teddy Bear?

From April 17 to June 1, we will collect teddy bears so that first-responders can distribute them to children during their patrol. The bears will be distributed to children suffering through traumatic situations. We are setting up drop off locations all around Cheyenne and Laramie.  Here is a list of drop-off locations for easy donations. It's all for a great cause.

But back to doing donuts in the parking lot: The last thing you want to do is hand a guy like me keys to a brand new Toyota pickup truck, with a giant teddy bear on the side, and tell me I can't do donuts in it.

I'm sure this will cost me my job but, I did donuts until I crashed. It was worth it. Here is the video.


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