It was the mission to end all missions. The air was electric with the scent of sizzling chicken and zesty sauces. Music blared, and loyal fans stood resolutely in line to contribute to the cause. Today, when the sun rose over Weitzel's Wings, their goal had yet to be achieved.

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But they were so close; you could taste it. Or, maybe, it was the wings (though, if you've ever had Weitzel's Wings, you know they could never be "just" wings. They are a mouthwatering display of artistry.)

Over the last 24 hours, Weitzel's Wings (aka Double Dub's) pushed and scraped their way to achieving not one but two Guinness World Records. As of 1 p.m. today, July 29, they achieved that goal - a success made all the sweeter, as they achieved it on National Chicken Wing Day!

Double Dub's Reigns Supreme Over Chicken Wings!

The beloved Wyoming-based wing truck was announced shortly after 1 p.m. they had achieved the unbelievable - two Guinness World Records in 24 hours. They "smashed" their 8-hour goal by over 5,000 wings, serving up over 28,048 to the hungry crowds. The previous Guinness World record was 23,046 wings

Weitzel's didn't stop there. Double Dub's kept frying and tossing up those wings for their supporters like the finely-tuned machine they are. To obtain the ultimate glory - the reigning world champions of "Most Wings Sold in 24 Hours" - the team needed to serve up more than 40,210 wings.

As you can probably guess, they SMASHED IT! Weitzel's proudly announced they had served up 48,083. Double Dub's blazed past the original record by more than 8,000 wings!

Trent Weitzel, owner and genius behind the wing truck, thanked the crowd, saying, "The Double Dub's Mafia has been amazing...and that [they] couldn't have done it without you guys." Tears of joy were shed - hugs and whistles were freely given. History was made.

Wyoming couldn't be more proud of Weitzel's Wings. They've brought home TWO world records to the Cowboy State. Now, not only do they hold the honor of being Josh Allen's favorite wing stop, winner of Festival Favorite at the National Buffalo Wing Festival - they now stand as Champions of Chicken Wings - winners of Guinness World Records.

All hail the King of Wings!

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