The most recent episode of 'The Simpsons' found matriarch Marge revealing some guilt over son Bart's rebellious nature. The cause of all this consternation? Listening to the music of Kiss during her pregnancy.

The episode, which aired on Nov. 3, included two songs by Kiss: 'Detroit Rock City' (from 1976's 'Destroyer') and 'Christine Sixteen' (from 1977's 'Love Gun'). Marge and husband Homer both dressed as Gene Simmons, in full Demon regalia.

The couple even got a little dig in at the band's longevity when Marge asked Homer to "do that thing Gene Simmons does." Which prompted Homer's retort: "What? Overstay my welcome for 40 years?"

Kiss seemed to be cool with the joke, since they promoted the appearance on their Twitter page. It was all 'The Simpsons' producer James L. Brooks' idea, said one of his co-workers. Executive producer Al Jean told, “As a corporal in the Kiss Army, I could only obey."

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