On Wednesday, August 3, rumors began spreading on the social media page Cheyenne Rants and Raves that Dr. Margaret Crespo, Superintendent of Laramie County School District 1, faced resignation or firing today.

A Special Session of the Board of Trustees was scheduled for August 4 at 1:15 p.m. without no information previously given regarding the subject of the meeting. The meeting began in Executive Session. No information was publically shared during the meeting, and few answers regarding the rumors of a Title IX harassment case against Dr. Crespo were given by the Board.

At approximately 1:40 p.m., the Board of Trustees exited Executive Session, immediately announcing the acceptance of Crespo's resignation without detailing reasons for the resignation.

Dr. Stephen Newton will take over as acting Superintendent of Laramie County School District 1. Newton was a frontrunner to replace Superintendent Boyd Brown in 2021.

Hostile Work Environment Claims Not Discussed During Special Board Meeting

Several members of the public thanked the Board for the work they've done regarding the situation. However, requests for information regarding Crespo's resignation dominated the comment session. During the public comment session, the Board affirmed that they could not discuss the private investigation into Dr. Crespo with members of the public or during the meeting.

Public Questions and Reactions to Dr. Crespo's Resignation

Numerous times during the meeting, public members attempted to discuss the alleged harassment case levied against Crespo. During the meeting, one attendee urged change in Wyoming, saying, "Sometimes we have to make decisions aren't easy," and that the [resignation] decision may not "be right." He asked, "When are we going to learn?"

Another member warned that continued actions against the protection and safety of LCSD1 of children will "awaken lions" and that "your day of judgment is near."

Another public member asked what laws were broken, when, and how? What business and leadership principles were violated?

One public member requested a Parent Advisory Board be made to help select the next Superintendent of LCSD1.

Dan Marcum, an educator at South High School, got wind of the decision over the weekend. He attended the meeting to discover what made the session happen. He noted "surprise" about the Crespo situation and had anticipated she would be around at least "four years" at LCSD1. "The decision-making process is destroying" the education of students in LCSD1. He said, "Put learning first, stop bantering about ideology, woke ideology, whatever..." and "We can do better." 

The theme of a failing education system continued across the public comment section. A member of the public said there is a "chaotic, dysfunctional...worrisome atmosphere for our students." The member described "koo-koo bins" and distractions impacting the students. A final commentator expressed dismay at the lack of safety in  schools, noting that administrators aren't "hearing what [teachers] are dealing with." She said the Board's job is to give students a "safe environment" for students to learn.
LCSD1 noted that several releases regarding the matter of Dr. Crespo's resignation will be on the website later today. A search for the new Superintendent will begin immediately.

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