People from around the world have started many worthwhile petitions online and brought positive change to their communities.

A new effort by Laramie students may or may not be one of those petitions.

"Seinfeld" petition

"Increase productivity" might be a bold claim, but who knows? We'll leave that one to the scientists.

And the student who started the petition was sure to include a 10-hour loop of the 'Seinfeld' theme. Because some of you might not already have it set as your ringtone, voicemail greeting and alarm.

Rihanna Kelver, a candidate for the Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education and recent LHS graduate, also joined in on the fun.

"As a candidate for the ACSD1 school board I fully support changing the LHS school bell to the Seinfeld theme," Kelver wrote in the comments.

The petition had 21 supporters as of Friday afternoon.

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