It seems as if the toilet paper shortage of 2020 was years ago. Do you remember walking into a store desperately looking for a four-pack of toilet paper just so you had some in your bathroom? I do. It seems so long ago.

Toilet papering homes as a kid seems to be a right of passage in our culture. I can remember being hit once or twice when I was in high school. Those days of shenanigans have long since passed.

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Unfortunately for some juveniles in Wellington, a toilet papering of a home ended in less than a fun night according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. A report of a possible weapons offense is being investigated in Wellington after an incident occurred on September 14.

The juvenile's toilet papering the home were instructed to leave by the resident. When the juveniles disregarded the demand, the resident of the home discharged a firearm into the air. When the firearm was discharged, the group fled. Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident. This timeline of events has been investigated by Larimer County Sheriff's Office Deputies.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office believes that some of the participants in the toilet papering of the home captured photos of videos of the incident on their cell phones. Homes in the area may have also captured the incident with doorbell cameras and surveillance cameras.

Investigators are asking anyone that may have footage of the incident to submit them via the public portal as potential evidence in the case.  Submissions can be sent HERE. Additional evidence that cannot be submitted via the public portal is being handled by Larimer County Sheriff's Office Investigator Kevin Hobson at 970-498-5162.

The incident is currently being screened by the Eighth Judicial District Attorney's Office to examine if any criminal allegations are substantial.

Source: Larimer County Sheriff's Office Facebook 

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