“You can’t take it with you.” So what should you do with it?

Leave it for those who survive you. That now goes for your tattoos too!

NAPSA, the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, will help you leave your tattoos by arranging to have a mortician surgically remove your chosen tat, run it through a preservation process, and then mount it in a frame and give it to the family.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I know some are very attached to their pictures that were intentionally put there for the rest of your life, but after life, the ink and the skin it’s on, can go to someone you love.

The phrase “Oh, you shouldn’t have” comes to mind.

Is this really a thing?

Alex Aragon, Owner/Director, at Cheyenne’s Schrader, Aragon & Jacoby Funeral Home said he has heard of the process, but he has not had a request for it, yet. He was surprisingly upbeat and humorous as he told me there would be a number of hoops to jump through. For example, there are already laws in place regarding the removal of gold teeth. The removal of tissue and bones is usually left to Donor Alliance to help save lives. A mortician would be the one to perform the procedure. Authorization and procedure would be a challenge as well as decisions of how deep or thin the tissue involved would be.

So if you want to get it done. get your ducks in a row beforehand to make it easier.

Now, think about baseball or anything to get that visual out of your mind.

I realize tattoos are very deliberate and cherished to some, while others got drunk and climbed into a chair one night and were left with a permanent reminder of ‘not to trust your drinking buddies.’ A woman might think a cute little “Tweety Bird” on her breast is soo cute. But as the decades go by, that Tweety could morph into a vulture.

It’s a personal decision that most don’t take lightly. If you want to leave your skin art behind, you can start at Savemyink.com.

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