Peter O'Toole
Getty Images

He said his idea of heaven was “moving from one smoked room to another…”Legendary actor Peter O’Toole, known for those piercing blue eyes, has passed away.


 He was in several movies including starring along with Katherine Hepburn in “The Lion In Winter,” and most recently in the movie “Venus,” was best known for his role in the legendary film “Lawrence of Arabia,” a movie that earned him his first nomination.  He was nominated for several Oscars, including for his last movie “Venus” in 2006, and set the record for the most Oscar nominations without ever winning, although he accepted an honorary Oscar in 2003. 


Peter was a hard drinker for much of his life, but gave up the bottle in his later years.  His daughter said that he suffered from a long time illness, and passed away on Sunday.  He was 81.   




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