LENNY KRAVITZ was playing to a big crowd in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, when he crouched down and ripped his leather pants, and since he was commando, he exposed his equipment.  And of course, it's all over the Internet.

Lenny finished the song American Woman", then went backstage for some new pants.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler sent him a text saying, quote, "[Eff] me.  You never showed me that [stuff]." And Country music star Jake Owen experienced the same wardrobe malfunction.  Jake Tweeted, "It's okay, Lenny.  My [junk] escaped one time too.  Keep rocking buddy."

PETA tweeted: Another reason NOT to wear leather! We'll be sending Lenny Kravitz some extra sturdy #vegan leather pants...

I won’t post the link, but if you’re really curious about the GIF…. I will name dorsey shaw….

"I want to get away. I want to fly away".

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