Pass GO and get ready to roll; a new game shop is setting up shop in Cheyenne after the New Year. Introducing Game Masters, a game store and event space slated to open in Downtown Cheyenne in March of 2024.

At Game Masters, customers will enjoy various collectible, retro, and new games (board, video, and card!) for purchase. The store will buy, sell, and trade video games in addition to selling other game formats. But selling games isn't all Game Masters sets out to do for Cheyenne. According to owner Brad Koch, the shop will be a community-focused venue for Cheyenne folks to connect and play over the game board.

Click 'Start' and Welcome Game Masters to Cheyenne

Many members of the Cheyenne gaming community will recognize Koch for his work alongside the Cheyenne Gaming Convention. He's a gaming industry veteran, both as a player with a lifetime of experience and as a vendor with over two decades under his belt. He and his wife hope to bring a fun space for gamers of all levels and age groups.

"We'll have something for everyone," Koch said. Not only will the shop sell and trade games, but it will also offer game rentals and onsite game-play for customers. Visitors to the shop can sit down for a round of Mario Kart on one of the video game stations or settle in for a Dungeons and Dragons mission. Need something to do with the kids on a snowy (or rainy) day? Grab a beloved family board game from the shelf and settle in to play. If you don't have time to stay or have family game night coming up, you can rent games like Monopoly for some friendly (brutal) competition at home.

Families and workplaces will both benefit from the event space at Game Masters. The onsite board room offers an AV set-up for video games or movies, an open wet bar, and catering options through local food trucks. The space is perfect for gaming-themed birthday parties or team-building events - bring the coworkers for teamwork-building over a game of Clue!

"Going into this, I didn't know if there would be any excitement for something like this," Koch said. But, he noted, he's received many questions and encouragement about the shop's opening. One could say that Cheyenne is 'ready to roll' with Game Masters.

Game Masters is set to open in the capital city on March 1, 2023, at 1612 Central Ave.

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