We have made it to another weekend. This is going to be a busy weekend, especially if you like live music and drinking craft beer from 41 different breweries. Pretty sweet deal, right? This is what we've been training for all winter and now it's our time to shine, and when I say our, I mean, craft beer-drinking folks like myself. It's also Father's Day weekend, so do something special for Dad! This is going to be a fun weekend, let's take a look at what's happening.

Fridays On The Plaza

While the Wyoming Brewers Festival will be happening tonight, Fridays On The Plaza will still be going on. Two awesome bands tonight, Amber Pacific and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Wyoming Brewers Festival

Yes, a two-day festival of Wyoming's finest craft beers. You'll get, not just one day of craft beer, but two. The festival kicks off at 5 both nights and runs until 10 PM. Tomorrow's entertainment is 10 Year Echo and Blink 90210.

LIve Music At Black Tooth Brewing

If you aren't going to the brewers festival tonight, but still want craft beer and live music, Scott Rupe is going to be performing at Black Tooth tonight from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Live Music At The Office Bar And Grill

The Office continues their Friday night live music series with Sharone taking the stage at 7 PM in the Executive Lounge. Get dinner, a nice cocktail, and enjoy some live music.

Wyoming Brewers Festival's Yoga Detox

Rid yourself of the demons from Friday night's brewers festival with a yoga detox to get yourself ready for night two.

Comedy Night At The Metropolitan Downtown

Get some laughs, drinks, and dinner Saturday night at the Met. Comedy night is always a great time and the Met is awesome.

Father's Day At Rib And Chophouse

Take Dad out for a steak and Rib and Chophouse. Or maybe some fancy shrimp, he deserves it.

Father's Day at Black Tooth Brewing

Take Dad out for a nice craft beer and let Black Tooth grill for him while he sits back and makes Dad noises and enjoys his beer and brat.

Father's Day At The Office Bar & Grill

The Office is one of my favorite spots in Cheyenne and there's no doubt that Sunday will be a great day for Dad. And, hey, take him to see Top Gun after his rib dinner since the theater is across the alley.

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