Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like seeing the capital city decked out in glittering displays of illuminating merriment. Christmas lights have bejeweled many a home in Cheyenne, painting the town in sparkling fragments of technicolored lights.

There's no more de-light-ful Christmas experience than sipping on hot chocolate as the family drives around town looking at twinkling Christmas lights. Alas, there are only so many hours in a night to view the dazzling lights (and let's be honest, with the price of gas, trekking across all of Cheyenne to see every Christmas display could become an expensive adventure...) So, I've got to be judicious about touring Cheyenne's extravagant exhibits of holiday hoopla. But where to start?

Where to Find the Best Christmas Displays in Cheyenne:

If you're looking for the best Christmas displays in town, look no further than the Cheyenne Trolley's second annual list of homes competing in the Holiday Lights Competition. These homes are the best-of-the-best, competing for a title declaring their decor the best and brightest of the season. Seriously, Clark Griswold would salivate at the sight of these houses.

This year, over twenty homes compete for the title:

  • 2705 E 11th St
  • 1111 Rosebud Rd
  • 3550 Essex Rd
  • 4426 El Camino Dr
  • 7614 Harvest Loop
  • 5100 Columbia Dr
  • 1111 Miracle Pkwy
  • 707 Arapaho St
  • 915 Ponderosa Rd
  • 920 Ponderosa Rd
  • 1004 W Powell Rd
  • 3602 Gregg Way
  • 4408 Marble Ave
  • 2919 Thomas Rd
  • 6900 Ave B-2
  • 700 E 22nd St
  • 608 E 22nd St
  • 606 E 22nd St
  • 516 E 22nd St
  • 612 E 22nd St
  • 419 E 22nd St
  • 5519 Canyon Rd
  • 936 Dayshia Ln
  • 2508 Sagebrush Ave

Looks like there's a whole lot of Christmas cheer calling on E 22nd St (six houses registered!? That street must be #lit.)

Thanks to the folks at Visit Cheyenne, you can follow the handy map below to the competing Christmas displays (or click here for the interactive map.) Or, take a ride on the Cheyenne Railway Trolley Holiday Lights Tour - you'll get chauffeured to all the stunning light displays!

Best Neighborhoods for Finding Fabulously Festive Christmas Lights in Cheyenne

If you want to explore entire neighborhoods for Christmas lights, these cul de sacs and communities usually have some epic displays:

  • The Point
  • Mustang Ridge
  • Saddle Ridge
  • The Avenues
  • Henderson

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Gallery Credit: Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne

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