Thursday morning was anything but boar-ing for officers in Cheyenne when one little piggy did not stay home.

Police spokeswoman Alex Farkas says the pig-citement started around 8:15 a.m.

"Officer Lohnes was traveling east on 19th Street when a citizen waived him down and reported that a baby pig was running hog wild in the area," said Farkas.

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"The officer quickly located the subject, who was uncooperative, and initiated a piglet pursuit," she added.

Farkas says Animal Control was called to help and even Police Chief Mark Francisco jumped in on his way to work.

It is unknown how many slop signs the little piggy ran while she was hogging the snowy streets, but Farkas says Community Service Officer Littau was able to safely corral the pig after 15 minutes and she was wrapped in a blanket.

City of Cheyenne via Facebook
City of Cheyenne via Facebook

Farkas says the owners were contacted and the little piggy went wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

According to a City of Cheyenne Facebook post, the pig's owners lost her during a short pit stop from Nebraska.

"We’re so happy that our officers from CPD and Animal Control didn’t mind dashing through the snow to rescue her and give her the love she’s been missing," the post reads.

City of Cheyenne via Facebook
City of Cheyenne via Facebook

"It’s been a long 48 hours searching for Ms. Piggy, but she’s back where she belongs now."


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