I've seen artists create some pretty amazing things in my years, but this could easily be one of the coolest. It's definitely in the running for the most original.

A Spanish Twitter account, Momentos Virales (which translates in English to "viral moments"), posted a beautiful time-lapse video of an artist painting a stunning optic illusion on a tree near the side of a road. They captioned the video:

Esto es Arte!!!

The English translation is: This is art!

By the time the drawing is finished, the tree appears have to a women encased inside a glass-like portion of said tree. The way the artist matched the background of the real scenery makes the illusion that much more believable.

This video is a clear example of the brilliance this artist possesses. Now, if only I could find out exactly where this is located. Every fiber of my being wants to experience this masterpiece in person.

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