Have you made your way down to the Downtown Depot since the clock struck midnight on November 1st? Well, we're going full-blown into the holiday season. Or, at least, we have some pretty lights on the Downtown Depot Plaza. The lights have been hung gently with care and now the holiday season can begin.

Sorry to the Thanksgiving purists that think we should decorate and celebrate Thanksgiving from November 1st until Thanksgiving. It's not happening. We'll celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving with pie, football, and parades. In the meantime, we have pretty lights to look at.

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I really do love the gamble on when the Downtown Depot Plaza will be decorated. Will they do it on November 1st? November 2nd? Will they have it decorated before Halloween and not have the switch flipped? Who knows! But they didn't waste any time getting it done, which, I mean, we had several 60-degree days in a row, so what better time than now to get those decorations up without having to fight 60-plus MPH winds and cold air?

This is just the start of the season. We'll be sure to see plenty of more decorations being added around Downtown Cheyenne with the Old West Holiday kicking off this month. We'll have all the fun with the likes of Santa's Saloon and the Pony Express.

Are you ready? If not, you should get on the holiday train, it's going to leave without you if you're ready or not. The holidays are coming.

Where's my mint mocha latte?

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