Wolves are incredibly beautiful animals and I don't think we appreciate their beauty as much as we do other animals. That's more so to do with the nature of the beast. I've honestly never seen a pack of wolves in real life, which is fine. If I were to see them in real life, I'd probably prefer them to be at a good distance, through binoculars or a camera lens.

A person on TikTok found a HUGE pack of wolves in Yellowstone that were hanging out and playing. I watched the video several times to make sure they weren't eating a carcass. That'd probably be in bad taste to post. But, they were just enjoying their lives and kind of wrestling with each other. Oddly enough, there was a warning on the video, so I'm not sure if it was just because they are wolves in general.

Oh well, you can check it out for yourself, I thought they were beautiful and fun to watch, but that's just me.


I tried to count how many wolves were in this pack and I think I counted 15, they were all moving and some were chilling on the ground, so it was hard to tell.

Just imagine a pronghorn walking upon this group and just slowly backtracking their way out. Maybe I watched too many cartoons as a kid.

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Anyway, I love seeing real wildlife videos like this. As I mentioned, I don't want to see this many wolves in person, but the video is pretty cool!

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